Commercial Equine Liability 
​When your business is the target of a lawsuit, money isn't the only thing that could be at stake.  Your reputation is on the line also.  Premier Equine Insurance has years of experience handling liability claims.  We will ensure that a claim against you is resolved fairly, with consideration for all. 

Equine liability is indispensable for anyone with a horse-related business.  Protection against liability claims is an utmost necessity.  Even with waivers and state laws designed to limit or control liabiities, commercial equine operations are vulnerable.  Win or lose, a lawsuit will cost you something.   

Who Needs It? 
Equine Professionals 
Boarding Barns 
Breeding Farms 
Racing or Training Farms 

Coverage & Limits Highlights

  • Liability limits of $300,000 to $1,000,000

  • Provides bodiliy injury and property damage limits

  • General liability aggregate limits are 3 times the liability per occurrence limit

  • Fire legal liability $190,000 at no charge (in most states)

  • Medical payments $5,000

  • Limited professional liability coverage for horses, riding instructors, and clinicians

  • Care, Custody, and Control can be added for additional protection 

  • Personal/Advertising injury included

  • Products /completed operations included

  • No liability deductible

  • and more...