Associations and Clubs  

This is the protection your club may need for owned or leased premises, public event days, and various club functions.

As a member of a horse riding or hunting club, you should be aware that your organization, in addition to the individual members, need protection from third party lawsuits.  The unexpected can and does happen, whether to club members, participants, or even spectators. Premier Equine can be relied upon to choose the right coverage for the job.

Coverage is for a club's leased or owned premises, special events, and various functions (shows, clinics, trail rides).

Who Needs It? 

Breed Associations
4H, FFA, and Pony Club 
Polo and Hunt Clubs 
Event/ Show Assocations 
Horse Club Directors and Officers
Horse Club Volunteers

Coverage Highlights

  • Limits of $300,000 to $1,000,000 available

  • General Liability Aggregate limits are 3 times the liability per occurrence limit

  • All club members are protected if a suit arises from a club activity

  • Products/completed operations included

  • Fire Legal liability limit $100,000

  • Medical payments $5,000

  • Spectator liability included

  • Volunteers covered as additional insureds

  • A property package can be written for clubs owning property